Treyca Temples

In order to achieve such a high quality finish the temples of all Treyca sunglasses go through a 7 stage process:

1. The first stage involves moulding the temple out, then polishing the surface, at least 4 times from rough to meticulous.

2. They then go through pickling which is a treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, it also ensure that the temple surface keeps its shine.

3. The temples are the dipped into a flume consisting of cupric sulfate & sulphuric acid to keep the surface well-proportioned before coating.

4. The acids are then removed using a special agent.

5. A final pickling then takes place to ensure quality.

6. It is at this point that the temples are ready for electroplating using nickel as a strong base strong the base followed by the models final material e.g. 18k Gold.

7. They then go through the final drying process.